Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Whether already infused into your organization's mission, or simply in daily life, it's vital to see things through an equity lens in order to make intentional decisions that benefit marginalized voices within our society. As leaders, it's our responsibility to not only pair our actions to our belief in creating equitable experiences for those we lead and support, but to illuminate causes to the inequities experienced by communities in which we operate.

This orientation is not limited to the way we run our institutions, but also in how we ensure equitable outcomes for others (i.e. students). Often in the field of education we fail to take an analysis before action approach examining the groundwater as a matter of causation. The result is endless failed attempts at systemically changing the odds. This orientation is critical to build enduring change.

Equity work lives in your outlook but also in daily structures, policies, and practices. From internal promotions to where we choose to purchase our morning coffee - we have the opportunity to make an intentional choice rooted in equity or in convenience. I seek to help others identify where those decisions come into play & encourage you to seek out solutions and answers that reflect your beliefs about your community.

When was the last time you:

  • Took a look around the conference room table and asked who was missing from the discussion?

  • Examined what companies you ordered your Friday team lunch from?

  • Asked how the history of our nation impacts the way your business operates?

  • Called out white-dominant culture in the workplace?

  • Asked that one quiet staff member who sits in the corner what they thought about a project?

  • Made a hiring decision that was not solely based on skill?

It is likely that you have considered at least one of these questions at some point in your career and just as likely that you never have. To create equitable experiences in the workplace we must evaluate our decisions based on a different set of rules.