Before we chat, here's a little window into some frequently asked questions - I'm an open book! Also, feel free to check out my blog for some more unfiltered thoughts.

Love your name, but how do you pronounce it?

Glad you asked! It is pronounced NUH-FEE-SHA. It’s easier than you thought, huh?

How many years of work experience do you have? 

I have been working in the field of education for 10 years and have been in education leadership for 6 years. I have a wealth of experiences given the roles I have occupied.

I see that your undergraduate major was Journalism, what made you shift to education?

I believe everyone secretly wants to be a teacher. Let’s face it, we all played school at some point when we were children. But truth be told, I was volunteering in local public schools as a college student and was informed of the inequitable experiences of children from under-served communities and wanted to tackle these challenges. I learned of Teach For America and became a teacher through their corps program and never looked back.

What experiences have you had with strategic planning?

I have crafted multi-year strategic plans that have been shaped by a multitude of stakeholders and core constituencies. They have been inclusive of organization-wide metrics as well as those relevant to community contexts. I am adept at iterating on strategic plans to ensure they remain relevant and robust.

Can you tell me more about your experiences with organizational culture?

Sure! Under my leadership, I have had some of the strongest success across our organization with regard to team culture and as measured by Gallup’s Great Places to Work. Some of dimensions of this survey include Pride, Camaraderie, and Trust. We also measured strategic clarity in which results were also strong.

Is "equity work" only relevant to organizations that have an equity-focused mission?

Absolutely not! Operating with an equity lens is essential for all thriving institutions and quite honestly; the inability to do this in a diverse world can cause many institutions to fail. Equity takes into account so many aspects and often times only viewed in a very narrow manner. Let's also note that Diversity & Inclusion are key elements to begin the journey toward more equitable practices.

So are you a consultant?

Yes. I am also a coach! I do provide consulting services both through a nationally accessible Hub and independently. Feel free to view my NJM Coaching & Consulting page and contact me directly for a free consultation to learn more.

How nice of you, but is there a fee?

You mean should you make an investment in seeking professional advice? Not for an initial “Hello!” However, should you be interested in guidance or counsel around a particular matter then I would be more than happy to share more about how I can best support you and what investment makes the most sense.