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My shoulders are rising...

It dawned on me today that my shoulders are rising. It's a crazy statement I know and it does not mean that I think I am getting taller...I am in my 30s and 5'0" (lol). A few years ago I sat on in a room with a dear friend and coach sharing all of the anxieties I had about life, mostly work. As I began to run down the list of crap that was on my plate and the impact it was having on me, my shoulders began to rise. She noticed it and asked me what that was all about. The more I spoke the more she noticed them rising. I had no idea. It was obvious that the tension was building as I vocalized each item on my bucket list. I WAS STRESSED THE HELL OUT. But it was not the typical leadership challenges of work that was causing it. I was not living into my purpose, what I truly wanted for myself. Each time I spoke it was a reminder of that reality. Today I sat at my desk and this time I did not speak, I thought. Thought of all of the things my heart and spirit deeply desire that my mind will not release me to take on. My shoulders began to rise. They rose out of fear, concern, anxiety, the lies my head told me that my heart wants to deeply resist.

It's funny how we are wired. We tell ourselves, "Today is the day I quit my job and do what I really want to do...[fill in the blank]!" And then, we talk ourselves right out of the bliss of that moment. Why, because the mortgage has to be paid, spring is here and our yards need landscaping, our kids have summer camp, our wedding anniversary is coming up, the wife has one on the way...on and on we go. Next time this happens, pay attention to your body because it never lies. Your shoulders may rise, your face may become tight, your stomach queasy, your heart racing. Whatever it is, pay attention.The next time it tells you what to it!