NJM Coaching & consulting

My Approach: Coaching should be a part of a therapeutic process that broaden a leader's palette. It consists of a balance between thought-partnership, constructive feedback, ultimate aspirations, and clear measurable goals. My approach brings forth my business acumen (understanding organizational interests), active listening, alternate perspectives, and mutual responsibility. The core of my coaching is focused on leadership consciousness and attaining more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work experiences.

Organizational Strategy

Strategy Consulting

What do you get?

  • A free 30-minute consultation

  • A detailed work-plan driven by client needs

  • A clear project timeline 

  • Detailed benchmarks to assess progress

  • One-on-One support for duration of project



Strategy and/or Facilitation

What do you get?

  • A free 30-minute consultation

  • Comprehensive assessment

  • Approximately 3-12 months

  • A strategy-driven facilitation work plan

  • Progress monitoring 

  • Direct staff engagement (in-person and/or virtual)/Train the trainer

  • Use of industry best practices

City View

Leadership & management


What do you get?

  • A free 30-minute consultation

  • Leadership assessment

  • 3-6 months of one-on-one engagement

       3-9 months of team engagements​

  • Clear and documented goals and objectives

  • Progress monitoring

  • Use of industry best practices

Conference Room

In my services I work to infuse DE & I into all aspects of the expertise you may have read on my page. To discuss consulting options, feel free to reach out to info@nafeeshairby.com or visit the Contact page.